Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing

What Your Genes Say About You?

What if you could prevent chronic illness, delay ageing, improve weight loss or take your sport to the next level?

Dr. Yael Joffe and her team have harnessed more than 20 years of research and clinical practice to create the 3×4 genetic test.

Answer Important Questions
• Am I at a higher risk of heart disease? How can I prevent a heart attack?
• How can I protect my brain from premature ageing?
• Is my body good at getting rid of toxins or does it need a helping hand?
• How effective is my body at losing weight and burning fat?
• What kind of diet should I be following?
• What type of sport am I best suited to for the results I want?
• Should I be training more or less often to get the best results?

3X4 Genetics understand that you are unique and have developed a test that takes your personal blueprint into account. Rather than offer recommendations based on single gene variants, 3X4 looks at how genes interact with each other and work together as a whole to impact your health. 3X4 genetics provides the information that your doctor can use to personalise your treatment.

A single cheek swab gives you a multitude of insights into your metabolism, fitness, weight management, hormones and diet all at once, to give you not only the answers you wanted, but also the ones you didn’t even know you were looking for.

All your results are colour coded so that you and your doctor know where to focus. Your results are displayed in informative and personalised infographics, each accompanied with a practical, actionable plan of summarised recommendations.

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