Probiotic: Ultimate Acidophilus


The Ultimate Acidophilus is a specially formulated super strain acidophilus together with a second strain of probiotic, bacillus coagulans. Resident and transient bacteria work together in this formula to establish and repopulate gut flora and contribute to the many benefits of a healthy colon.


The Ultimate Acidophilus is a specially formulated super strain acidophilus together with a second strain of probiotic, bacillus coagulans. Resident and transient bacteria work together in this formula to establish and repopulate gut flora and contribute to the many benefits of a healthy colon. A healthy digestive tract may contribute to overall improved immunity and digestive health.

Probiotics are necessary to replenish the "good bacteria" in our gut that insure a strong immune system, proper digestion, and the manufacturing and absorption of nutrients. The powerful wide spectrum application of Ultimate Acidophilus and the unique strain of Flora Balance deliver probiotics that will stay intact until reaching their destination in the large intestine.

The Probiotic Connection to Internal Health

There is a quote from Ben Franklin that goes "While we may not be able to control what happens to us, we can control what happens inside us." This is true in many aspects of life but especially when it comes to our health maintenance. At Eidon, we always stress the need for giving the body the raw material it needs to perform optimally. We advocate proactive approaches and that is why we are bringing you what we consider to be the best probiotic available. Probiotics support daily gastro-intestinal health and are an important component of a total health regime.

Today's world is increasingly polluted and our diets are severely lacking essential nutrients. Farming conglomerates add prodigious amounts of antibiotics to animal feed. The livestock industry uses 25 million pounds of antibiotics annually to promote growth, prevent disease and to counteract the unsanitary conditions on factory farms and to ease stress of shipping the animals, according to Dr. Mathias Egger, a British researcher who has studied the antibiotic effects in the U.S. It is these insidious antibiotics that are prevalent in our drinking water and our food sources which can compromise a healthy internal terrain. The population is currently, unwittingly, ingesting prescription drugs.

Low concentrations of antibiotics are now measurable in nearly all of our animal-based foods. They are seeping into rivers and streams from animal excretion and are making their way into our water. Antibiotics and synthetic hormones also filter into our food and water through animal and human waste dumped into our sewage systems. So, even if you have not intentionally taken prescription antibiotics or hormones, your body may be getting them through what you ingest, be it food or water. Combine this with a diet of overly refined foods, harmful additives, excess white flour and sugar, pharmaceutical medications and stress filled lives, our natural terrain is being taxed. Flora Balance and Ultimate Acidophilus provides probiotic assistance that can help to support a healthy internal terrain.

Both beneficial and harmful micro-organisms inhabit the intestinal tract simultaneously. They all carry out their specific tasks and mutual functions. Candida albicans aids in the digestion of sugars and releases helpful enzymes and nutrients but is harmful when out of balance with normal flora. Normal intestinal E. coli suppresses harmful bacteria and synthesizes vitamin K and B12, but it can cause severe problems when a virulent strain is introduced into the body via contaminated food or water, or even from other human contact. It is when these "potentially unfriendly" bacteria, such as specific strains of E. coli or Candida, become out of balance and proliferate that the natural symbiosis is disturbed. The mutual interactions of "good" and "bad" bacteria (providing vitamins, enzymes, nutrients and various chemicals for the body) are necessary in respective balance for healthy body ecology.

There are 2 types of probiotics that aid in preserving and restoring the health of the gastrointestinal tract. Bacteria that are endemic to the human system and are constant residents are called intransient microorganisms. Transient bacteria are the microorganisms from soil and plants that contribute to the function and condition of the human digestive system. These bacteria work symbiotically with resident microorganisms who utilize their by-products to protect internal terrain and manufacture necessary nutrients in the gut.

Without the proper balance of intestinal flora, occasional constipation or diarrhea, bloating, or uncomfortable gas after eating can occur. Probiotics are an essential component to help repopulate the healthy flora in the intestines and to begin to reestablish normal healthy digestion.

O'Donnell formulas produce the best available probiotic protection we have found. Ultimate Acidophilus Plus combines bacillus coagulans (formerly bacillus sporogenes) with lactobacillus acidophilus to provide a power packed duo that reestablishes immune enhancing gut flora. We recommend taking it together with Flora Balance.

Flora Balance is a stable microorganism that will survive stomach acid and arrive at its destination, the intestines, with full potency. This combination of live, friendly bacteria helps to support ongoing healthy flora in the intestines.

Causes of imbalanced bacterial flora:

  • Anti-biotics and other pharmaceuticals
  • Birth control pills
  • Consumption of sugar and white flour
  • Factory farmed meats
  • Processed foods
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Chlorinated water
  • Stress

Additional information

Weight 51.00 g
Dimensions 900 × 500 × 500 mm


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